what tekst about

We combine light and acoustic benefits.

We do have our full focus on using soft acoustic textiles and sound absorbing materials in our collection of pendants. Pendants – which transform noise into sound – also known as the Collection FAB. To make it more sustainable we have been looking and we found the sound absorbing material outside in mother nature. We are going into hemp absorbers.

In 2016 we started up a research project

with the acoustic organisation Danish Sound.
We are very close to release the first members of our”
acoustic lighting pendant” family and we intend to
enlarge this family.

why tekst about

Our philosophy is simple

We want to make the world more light and silent.

For us it makes sense to develop lighting fixtures which
have a positive influence on peoples daily life.

We want to turn up peoples daily dose of feeling good.


....based on own experience.

Actually it all started a few years back. At this time the founder of Embacco, Lise Norgaard started to feel sensitive to noise in rooms.
To stay at a reception or in a room made of hard non absorbing material and people talking was to Lise almost impossible.

Physically Lise felt a pressure on her head and she had to leave the noisy room immediately. Just after she began to observe and ask people about their experiences in crowded and noisy rooms. This small research was convincing Lise.

Besides of people suffering from too much noise in the public room, it stressed them as well. At this time Embacco Lighting was designing fixtures made of hard materials. The turning point came in 2014 when Lise decided to change direction into soft sound absorbing materials.

who tekst about

Who we are?

Embacco Lighting is a lighting company with an entrepreneurial mindset based in Denmark and we are working in artificial lighting.

We primarily work on the contract market and we do have close relationships with Interior Designers, architects, contractors and people working in the field of interior and architecture.


A look back...

To take a brief look back in history – we started up in 1995 as a lighting planning company and the founder Lise has since completed countless of lighting projects in the Scandinavian countries. Besides Lise is also one ot the designers behind the lighting collection.
The turning point came in 2014 when Embacco decided to change direction into soft materials and short after the acoustic collection FAB was born.
Today Lise is still running the company.


Started in the lighting field back in 1994 and has since completed
countless lighting projects.

Lise´s great passion for lighting and her consequently extensive knowledge of the material led, in 2008, to starting up to design her own lighting collection.

Most recently, Lise has thrown herself into designs with a more soft
touch. For Lise, textiles and technical lighting fit perfectly together.

She sees a great potential and limitless possibilities in adding a new, soft dimension to technical lighting. And finally, Lise´s strength ??? her inquisitive nature, along with a superb feeling for light.

lise about
annekrogh about


She just can´t stop herself !! Anne´s strength is in how she “lives” her trade, and in being constantly on the move to obtain new inspiration for her customers.

Anne is often inspired by the daily life, as well as by her trips to European metropoles, where she observes intensely the vigor of city life.

Currently Anne Krogh works primarily with larger interior design jobs … with, however, a strong desire to have more time to practice…. product design.

By the way: Anne Krogh graduated from The School of Design at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 1985